Why Workshops and why with me?

Lets talk about the “why me” first. Apart from studying and completing my dual apprenticeship in Germany 1995 (it’s a trade in Germany) as Photographer and Lab technician, I have run a highly successful Boudoir Studio in Melbourne since 2006. To call yourself a photographer and to charge people money for the service I believe you must have the skills to back it up. Call yourself a natural light photographer but make sure you are able to create “natural light” when you need it. So that’s where the workshops come into it. We are going to cover alot of topics, from the artistic to the tehnical, from the studio to location. Be prepared to learn and have fun while we explore the art that is Boudoir Photography.

I started with film and processing in a darkroom, I still miss the smell of chemicals.  Since cutting my teeth on Photoshop 3,  I  have  worked in Advertising and Brand Agencies as a Senior Finished Artist honing my skills as a High End Retoucher and Print Production artist.

Working with Corporate and Industial Photography in my first years shaped my understanding of light, not to mention shooting over 300 weddings. My first boudoir studio was in one of the artist communities in Munich in 2000 and now, today I photograph around 200 Clients a year in my humble studio (or on location) .

I believe you are only as good as your last job and feel that teaching others only helps clients to trust photographers in our knowledge and skill.

Face to Face Boudoir Photography Workshops

I am all about giving a one on one, face to face workshop experience for Photographers wishing to learn the art of Boudoir Photography. My aim is to not deliver a cookie cutter approach to workshops but to work with the level you are currently at and to give you the tools and techniques to grow as a photographer.


My classic behind the scene workshop start off with a overview on Camera and Lighting technic as well Client management tips and working with stylists while our model is sitting in Hair and make up for approx 2 hours.

You will get an idea of what a boudoir session will be for your clients from the beginning till the finished product. Get lots of posing and lighting tips as well as the processing of images with high end retouching.

We make sure we tailor this course to your level of knowledge and/or what you would like to concentrate on and know more about.


– Full day including lunch and refreshments – approx 10am-4pm

– Pro gear (Cameras, lenses and flashes – I use Canon gear)

– Bring your friend for only $500 extra (max 3)

– Model with hair and make up stylist

I will ask you to fill out a Q+A after which we will brainstorm before the day to determine what is the most important areas to you to learn.


Topics you can choose to know more or less about.


After our  photoshoot we concentrate on retouching. You can bring your own laptop with Adobe Suite installed to follow and practice or just watch and take notes.

  • Lightroom processing
  • Raw vs DNG, jpg
  • Colour spaces, RGB CMYK etc
  • Digital file handling and archiving
  • Photoshop high end retouching
  • Output handling
  • Design in InDesign


To run your business you need to be a business manger, customer service manager and marketer aswell as able to take a great picture.

  • File management
  • Invoices/Contract/Payments
  • Studio setup
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Product selling and production, contact and recommendations
  • How to sell yourself and more images


Specific to different body shapes, plus size, age and confidence. With 2-3 models, you will learn, on the fly, on how to pose each for the most flattering images. Including Flow posing, what to do with hands, fingers, feet etc How to deal with the client for your own photoshoots.

All of our models will have signed a model release enabling you to use the images you have taken for you own ortfolio, Instagram etc.

  • Flowposing
  • Plus size
  • Hands, fingers and feet
  • Mature clients


The basics on how to take a photo. What all the function on your camera mean and what and how to use light.

  • Photography basics
  • Camera functions and setup
  • Recognise different light sources and their implications


Here is where you get your creative juices flowing, from natural light, flash to continuous and all of the above.

  • on/off camera flash
  • Studio flash
  • Natural light
  • Mixed Lighting



How to handle new environments
with use of different light sources and mix lighting.
Locations hire is an extra fee if applicable.

  • How to handle new shooting environments.
  • Using different light sources and mixed lighting.

MENTORING from $200 per month

So maybe you have done my workshop, someone elses or have been out on your own for awhile and you would like to continue your growth. My mentoring program aims to give you one on one contact with me addressing areas that are appropriate to you. This can be face to face if you are in town or via zoom, skype, telephone etc.

Areas that I feel are beneficial but not limited to:

– Image Critique

– Photohop retouching tips and tricks

– Gear and Lighting indepth

– Posing and working with clients

– Post processing needs

– Products and printing knowledge

6 month of Mentoring program $200 per month

+ 3 hour studio hire for free*

+ One-on-one 12 hours tailored to your needs online or in person


Book as you need.

Need it now mentoring $250

One-on-one 2 hours tailored to your needs.

Online or in person.


“My colleague and I had a behind the scenes workshop with Carmen yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. We travelled from Tasmania just to work with these guys and it was worth every effort. Thanks to the whole team for a wonderful and insightful experience.”


“Just finished my “Behind the Scenes” workshop with Carmen and I absolutely loved it!! So much to learn and absorb from Carmen herself. She is very intelligent and was very patient as she showed me how she does her workflow and also helped me with mine. Worth every penny for this workshop if you interested in doing boudoir photography and will 100% being going back.”



I am a Photographer by trade and went through 3 years of German education working for the best in Munich back in 1998 when I gained my trade certificate. Trained by commercial master Photographers, understanding the perfect studio light is the best basic knowledge. I just love working with people more than with products. I am also a specialist in photo retouching and have been working as a Digital Artist in Germany and Australia for advertising agencies for over 10 years before starting my own business.